7032 km - collective - MARIE-SOPHIE BEINKE
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7032 km – collective


Amrit Karki & Marie-Sophie Beinke


7032 km – collective was founded in 2024 by Amrit Bahadur Karki (NP) and Marie-Sophie Beinke (DE) focusing on joint performances, joint artistic research and joint curatorial projects between Europe and Asia. Both artist’s practice mainly focuses on time-based and durational performance and site specific, often ephemeral, interventions. Their works though are not limited to one medium or style. 7032 km – collective refers to the geographical distance between Antwerp (BE) and Kathmandu (NP) where the artists reside and represents a podium / platform for experiments, encounter and collaboration. It represents the artist’s collective actions and interventions together across borders.

Marie-Sophie Beinke & Amrit Karki, Conversation June, 2024

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